Give Me Your Soul... Please

Don't Break The Oath
Official releases:
Label Catalogue # Format Country Date Comments
Massacre Records MAS LP0540 LP Germany 2007 w/ insert.
Massacre Records MAS PD0540 LP Germany 2007 Picture disc.
Massacre Records MAS DP0540 CD Germany 2007 Digipack.
Massacre Records MAS CD0540 CD Germany 2007  
Metal Blade 3984-14666-2 CD USA 2007  
Songs: (Vinyl)
The Dead (1:56) (Diamond)
Never Ending Hill (4:36) (LaRocque / Diamond)
Is Anybody Here? (4:12) (Diamond)
Black Of Night (4:00) (LaRocque / Diamond)
Mirror Mirror (4:59) (Diamond)
The Cellar (4:30) (LaRocque / Diamond)
Pictures In Red (1:27) (LaRocque / Diamond)

Give Me Your Soul (5:28) (LaRocque / Diamond)
The Floating Head (4:46) (LaRocque / Diamond)
Cold As Ice (4:29) (Diamond)
Shapes Of Black (4:22) (Diamond)
The Girl In The Bloody Dress (5:07) (Diamond)
Moving On (4:06) (Diamond)
Songs: (CD)
  01. The Dead (1:56) (Diamond)
02. Never Ending Hill (4:36) (LaRocque / Diamond)
03. Is Anybody Here? (4:12) (Diamond)
04. Black Of Night (4:00) (LaRocque / Diamond)
05. Mirror Mirror (4:59) (Diamond)
06. The Cellar (4:30) (LaRocque / Diamond)
07. Pictures In Red (1:27) (LaRocque / Diamond)
08. Give Me Your Soul (5:28) (LaRocque / Diamond)
09. The Floating Head (4:46) (LaRocque / Diamond)
10. Cold As Ice (4:29) (Diamond)
11. Shapes Of Black (4:22) (Diamond)
12. The Girl In The Bloody Dress (5:07) (Diamond)
13. Moving On (4:06) (Diamond)
The Band:
  King Diamond - Vocals
Andy LaRocque - Guitars
Mike Wead - Guitars
Hal Patino - Bass
Matt Thompson - Drums

Additional vocals by Livia Zita.
  Recorded at:
Los Angered Recording, Gothenburg, Sweden.
Nomad Recordings Studios, Dallas, TX, USA.
Solnasound Recording, Stockholm, Sweden.

Produced by Andy LaRocque, King Diamond and J.T. Longoria.
Mixed at King's house by Andy LaRocque and King Diamond.
Engineered by Andy LaRocque and J.T. Longoria.
King's vocals produced and recorded by J.T. Longoria.
Mastered at Nomad Recordings Studios by Gary Long and King Diamond.

Booklet design and layou by Brian J. Ames.
Cover painting by Teemu Vedenoja.
Live Photos by HÃ¥kon Grav.
Backstage photos by Michael Johansson.
Massacre Records - MAS LP0540 (Germany):
Label A
Label B
Insert A
Insert B
Massacre Records - MAS PD0540 (Picture Disc, Germany):  
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