Abigail II: The Revenge

Don't Break The Oath
Official releases:
Label Catalogue # Format Country Date Comments
Metal Blade 3984-14379-1 LP Germany 200? Double album.
Metal Blade 3984-14379-1PD LP Germany 2005 Picture disc, 500 handnumbered copies.
Metal Blade 3984-14379-2 CD Germany 2002  
Songs: (Vinyl)
Spare This Life (1:44) (Diamond)
The Storm
(4:22) (Diamond)
Mansion In Sorrow
(3:35) (LaRocque / Diamond)
(5:09) (Diamond)
Little One
(4:31) (Diamond)
Slippery Stairs
(5:09) (LaRocque / Diamond)

The Crypt... (4:11) (Diamond)
Broken Glass (4:12) (Diamond)
More Than Pain (2:31) (Diamond)
The Wheelchair (5:18) (Diamond)
Spirits (4:57) (LaRocque / Diamond)
Mommy (6:26) (Diamond)
Sorry Dear (0:53) (Diamond)
Songs: (CD)
  01. Spare This Life (1:44) (Diamond)
02. The Storm (4:22) (Diamond)
03. Mansion In Sorrow (3:35) (LaRocque / Diamond)
04. Miriam (5:09) (Diamond)
05. Little One (4:31) (Diamond)
06. Slippery Stairs (5:09) (LaRocque / Diamond)
07. The Crypt... (4:11) (Diamond)
08. Broken Glass (4:12) (Diamond)
09. More Than Pain (2:31) (Diamond)
10. The Wheelchair (5:18) (Diamond)
11. Spirits (4:57) (LaRocque / Diamond)
12. Mommy (6:26) (Diamond)
13. Sorry Dear (0:53) (Diamond)
The Band:
  King Diamond - Vocals
Andy LaRocque - Guitars
Mike Wead - Guitars
Hal Patino - Bass
Matt Thompson - Drums

Keyboard, strings & harpsichord by Kol Marshall, King Diamond and Andy Larocque.
Special guest: Alyssa Biesenberger "Little One"
  Recorded, mixed and mastered at Nomad Recording Studio, Dallas, Texas, USA, during May, June, July, August and September 2001.
Additional recordings at Los Angered Recording, Gothenburg, Sweden.
Produced by Kol Marshall, King Diamond and Andy LaRocque.
Engineered by Kol Marshall.
2nd engineering and digital editing by J.T. Longoria.
Mixed by Kol Marshall and King Diamond.
Mastered by Kol Marshall and King Diamond.

All photos by Alex Solca.
Artwork by Travis Smith.
Layout by Brian J. Ames.
Metal Blade - 3984-14379-1PD (Picture Disc):
Sleeve Front
Sleeve Back
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