In Concert 1987 - Abigail

Don't Break The Oath
Official releases:
Label Catalogue # Format Country Date Comments
Roadrunner RR 9287-1 LP Holland 1991 w/ inner sleeve.
Roadrunner ? RR 9287-1 ? LP Korea 199? w/ insert.
Roadrunner RR 9287-2 CD Germany 1991  
Roadrunner RR 8784-2 CD Holland 1997 Remaster Gold-CD, w/ sticker, different artwork.
Songs: (Vinyl)
Funeral (1:52) (Diamond)
(5:25) (Diamond)
Come To The Sabbath
(5:49) (Diamond)
The Family Ghost
(4:29) (Diamond)
The 7th Day Of July 1777
(4:18) (LaRocque / Diamond)
The Portrait
(4:29) (Diamond)

Guitar Solo Andy (3:16) (LaRocque)
The Possession
(3:53) (Denner / Diamond)
(4:45) (Diamond)
Drum Solo
(3:25) (Dee)
The Candle
(5:20) (Diamond)
No Presents For Christmas
(5:05) (Denner / Diamond)
Songs: (CD)
  01. Funeral (1:52) (Diamond)
02. Arrival (5:25) (Diamond)
03. Come To The Sabbath (5:49) (Diamond)
04. The Family Ghost (4:29) (Diamond)
05. The 7th Day Of July 1777 (4:18) (LaRocque / Diamond)
06. The Portrait (4:29) (Diamond)
07. Guitar Solo Andy (3:16) (LaRocque)
08. The Possession (3:53) (Denner / Diamond)
09. Abigail (4:45) (Diamond)
10. Drum Solo (3:25) (Dee)
11. The Candle (5:20) (Diamond)
12. No Presents For Christmas (5:05) (Denner / Diamond)
The Band:
  King Diamond - Vocals
Andy LaRocque- Guitars
Michael Moon - Guitars
Timi Hansen - Bass
Mikkey Dee - Drums
  Produced by Roberto Falcao and King Diamond.
Live Sound Engineer USA: V. Polselli.
Live Sound Engineer Europe: M. Böttzauw.

Front cover photo by Ira Rosenson.
Additional photos by John Mortensen, Ira Rosenson, Bjarne Vang, E. Kat and Henrik Hildebrandt.

Extra notes for the 1997 Remaster:
Reissue produced by Jeff Daniel.
Assisted by Bill Turjancik.
Remastered by Chris Gehringer at The Hit Factory, New York, NY, USA.
Reissue designed by Satoshi Kobayashi for Skouras Design.
Roadrunner - RR 9287-1 (Holland):
Label A
Label B
Inner sleeve A
Inner sleeve B
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