Don't Break The Oath
Official releases:
Label Catalogue # Format Country Date Comments
Roadrunner RR 9550-1 LP Holland 1988 w/ booklet and inner sleeve
Roadrunner RR 9550-1 LP Canada 1988 w/ inner sleeve
Roadracer RR 9550-1 LP USA 1988 w/ inner sleeve
FEMS SP25-5327 LP Japan 198? w/ obi, insert and sticker
JIGU JRPL-1015 LP Korea 198? w/ insert, black and red label, Roadrunner Metal Masterpiece no 16.
Roadrunner RR 9550-6 LP UK 198? Picture-Disc
?? RR 9517 LP UK 198? Picture-Disc. Made in UK, but distributed in USA and Canada. w/ sticker on cover and insert.
Estudio Eldorado no 3145 LP Brazil 198? w/ insert, black and grey label.
Roadrunner RR 8785-2 CD Holland 1997 Remaster, w/ bonus tracks.
Cargo / Roadrunner RRCAR 8785-1 LP Germany 2007-10-19 Remaster, 180gr vinyl, w/ inner sleeve, sticker on cover.
Bootleg Releases:
Label Catalogue # Format Country Date Comments
Roadrunner RR 9550 LP Korea 19?? Black and White cover, red label
Songs: (Vinyl)
Out From The Asylum (1:48) (Diamond)
Welcome Home
(4:35) (Diamond)
The Invisible Guests
(5:03) (Diamond)
(5:13) (Diamond)
Mother's Getting Weaker
(4:00) (Diamond / LaRocque)

Bye, Bye Missy (5:06) (Diamond)
A Broken Spell (4:07) (Damond / LaRocque)
The Accusation Chair (4:20) (Diamond)
"Them" (1:55) (Diamond / LaRocque)
Twilight Symphony (4:08) (DIamond)
Coming Home (1:11) (Diamond)
Songs: (CD)
  01. Out From The Asylum (1:48) (Diamond)
02. Welcome Home (4:35) (Diamond)
03. The Invisible Guests (5:03) (Diamond)
04. Tea (5:13) (Diamond)
05. Mother's Getting Weaker (4:00) (Diamond / LaRocque)
06. Bye, Bye Missy (5:06) (Diamond)
07. A Broken Spell (4:07) (Damond / LaRocque)
08. The Accusation Chair (4:20) (Diamond)
09. "Them" (1:55) (Diamond / LaRocque)
10. Twilight Symphony (4:08) (Diamond)
11. Coming Home (1:11) (Diamond)

Bonus tracks on the 1997 Remaster:
12. Phone Call
13. The Invisible Guests (Rehearsal)
14. Bye, Bye Missy (Rehearsal)
The Band:
  King Diamond - Vocals
Andy LaRocque - Guitars
Pete Blakk - Guitars
Hal Patino - Bass
Mikkey Dee - Drums

Keyboard effects: Roberto Falcao
  Recorded and mixed at M.M.C. Studio, Copenhagen, Denmark.
Produced and mixed by King Diamond and Roberto Falcao.
Assisted by Andy LaRocque and Mikkey Dee.
Engineered by Roberto Falcao.

Cover Artwork by Studio Dzyan: Thomas Holm and Torbjörn Jörgenson.
Photographs by Olé Lundgren, Frasse Franzen and Ira Jörgenson.
Roadrunner - RR 9550-1 (Holland):
Label A
Label B
Inner sleeve A
Inner sleeve B
Booklet Front
Booklet Index Page
Booklet page 1
Booklet page 2
Booklet page 3
Booklet page 4
Booklet page 5
Booklet page 6
Booklet page 7
Booklet page 8
Booklet Discogrphy
Booklet Back
Cargo / Roadrunner - RRCAR 8785-1:  
Label A
Label B
Inner Sleeve A
Inner Sleeve B
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